Sunday, 7 September 2014

What's in my hand luggage?

Hello girlies,

As I told you guys in my last post that I  would be going to Majorca for a week and I didn’t have time to make a post before I went but I thought even though summer is practically over I would show you what I took with me.

So first thing I went shopping on the day before and got myself some new clothes (which I will show you on my next haul post), some beauty supplies and also a gym bag which I used as my hang luggage.

So I basically separated some socks and the amount of underwear I was going to need, five tops and bottoms, a dress, a playsuit, three bikinis, a flip-flop, a flat sandal and a black pump. This is what I packed as for cloth wise as I only stayed there for a week. To be totally honest I used most of the clothe I packed so I think this is the right amount of clothes to take for a week vacation/holiday.

On my makeup bag I obviously put my makeup, makeup wipes, deodorant, sun cream, tooth paste, allergy tablets and my toothbrush.

On my little pencil case from my home town I put all my cables and adaptors that I would need during my stay over there.

On the bigger makeup bag I put my digital camera and charger and my underwater camera.

I obviously took a hang bag so in that hand bag I carried the big makeup bag with the cameras in it, the pencil case, my wallet, passport, tickets, oyster card, my iPad, my iPod and my iPhone.

This is basically all I packed for in Majorca. Did any of you guys go anywhere this summer?
If so where and how was it? A nd even if you didnt comment down below what you did this summer.

Much love,
Maria Eduarda xox