Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Week in Pictures -13th to 29th of January 2014-

Hello lovelies,

I know I know I started this series a few months back and only managed to post one week.. i know I'm a failure in committing into posting stuff over here, but I managed to take some time out of my media & photography course work this week to prepare some posts for the future. So to sum up the first few weeks back into college here are the pics…





So this pretty much sums it up…course final pieces, starting my 2014 jar, buying a new scrub to try it out, starting to read Looking For Alaska by John Green, doing photograms in the dark room, lost the picture of my bed but we sold it leaving me to put my computer on the floor until we move houses (which is next week friday.. meaning a new house/room tour :D) and sleeping with my mattress on the floor.

How has january been for you guys? Anything interesting?
haha leavee it down in the comments
Much Love,
Maria xox