Friday, 3 January 2014

Huge Forever 21 Haul

Hello lovelies,
I know its been a long time since I posted anything on this blog or even on the blogs twitter account but I was really busy with college and also was very ill during most of november. 
But let's get to the post, a few weeks ago I want out with my mum to do some cloth shopping at Forever 21 which ended up being my christmas present, ahaha. 

So let me show you what I got :)

Casual Jacket/BO Black £22.75 (size L)

 Sweater top/LSLV Black/White £18.75 (Size M) (It was on sale 50% off so I paid £9.38)

Sweater Cardigan Olive/Cream/Drown £19.75 (Size M)

Logo Top/LSLV Black/Purple £14.75 (Size L)

Knit Top/LSLV White/Black £7.25 each (Size M)

Logo Top/SLVLS Dark Grey/Green£12.75 (Size L)

Skirt - Short Red/Black £16.75 (Size 28)

Denim Pant - Lon Indigo £7.00 (Size 28)

Pant - Long Wove Black/Cream £18.75 (Size 28)

Pant- Long Wove Charcoal/Grey £19.75 (Size 28)

Shows/Boots/Mid Shaft Black £27.90 (Size 7.5 U.S/ 5.5 UK)

Scarves/Fashion Blue/Grey £8.90

£4.90 (Size M/L)

So yeah this is all I bought (well my mum haha) !
But yeah, did you go cloth shopping lately? did you get anything similar to what I got? Any different? (well duhh shah)
Hope you enjoyed your christmas break!
Much love,
Maria xox


  1. I love the jacket!! I haven't shopped at Forever 21 in a long while because I hate their stores (it's ALWAYS crowded, messy and too loud) so I resorted to shopping online but F21 online changed their shipping methods so whenever I order, I never get the packages and end up just getting a refund from them. Eventually I dropped Forever 21 off my list of stores in general. It's a shame since I do enjoy a few of things. That being said, I haven't shopped for clothes in a while too -trying to save up money, haha. Sucks.

    1. Thank youu & omg really? I've never had a problem like that with them /:
      try going to their stores in the morning right after they've opened.. it's way less crowded trust me :) x