Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Photo Diary - Week 1 -

Hey Lovelies,

I've dicided to start a new series on this blog, I want to stop letting you guys down because I always promise to you guys that I'd have at least two posts per week but I always end up never delivering what I've promised. So what I want to applish with this series  is that I will make a post about whatever else I want (make up, fashion, school, etc) and will also post  pictures of things I got up to on that week that went by or that happened and wanted to share with you guys.

So lets get to it.. 
(21-27 of october 2013)
On monday was the day I had to present my first final piece for Unit 1 in photography.. which was a bit nerve racking as the boy I kinda got a crush on, is in that class, he made me feel so awkward because he kept his eyes locked on mine until I finishes presenting and what I find it weird is that he didnt pay attention like he did while i was presenting when the other people in the class was! obviously I'm not getting my hopes up because he doesnt even talk to me properly so yeah xD

& whent I got home.. I went to light up my candle and for the first time ever I've finished a candle like all the day.. I was so happy but at the same time sad because my room wasnt going to smell like cherry jelly beans haha 

On tuesday and wednesday I didnt do much just school and homework tbh.
Now on thursday and friday I ended up not going to college as I couldn't even walk properly due to back pains (which I'm still complaining about as I can't bend down to get things on the floor and stuff). All I did was watch series, read my book and tried to get all the information from my friends (like class work and homework that tthe tearches gave those days so I can do all of it during half term). On friday I went to the doctors to see what is actually up with my bacL, because its not really normal for a sixteen years old to have back pains.. all they did was check if it wasnt muscle pains and they said it's  all because of the amount of weight I cary to school and my posture when I sit down, so they gave me some pain killers which trigged my asthma (very clever doctor.. you go girl -.-) so I stop using it. I also got the Casio watch which I meantioned on my last post from The Watch Hunt in the mail and with that I organised the outfit for the post. AND OF COURSE ATE LOADS OF ICE CREAM!!! :D

So what did you get up to last week? Anything interesting?
Let me know in the comments below.

Much Love, 
Maria xox


  1. ♥BEAUTIFUL, i love your pictures!

  2. Oh, how I love candles! <3


    1. hehe me too.. i need to buy a new one though as that one finished! xo

  3. MAGNUM :3 I love it :3 I follow you :) Follow back?? http://just-click-to-heaven.blogspot.com/