Monday, 23 September 2013

Mini Primark & Superdrug Haul

Hello lovelies,

Last week Sunday I went out to get some shopping done because I needed some new cheap clothes(xD) and I wanted to try a new concealer out.

First I went to Primark. I saw loads of things in New Look before i went to Primark and i did not see much difference in with the styles of clothing that were out and the quality of the clothes looked similar so i thought it would be easier to get what i want in Primark as it would be way cheaper there.

I went in there with only one thing in my mind! FIND A HOODIE!
So I went straight to the part where they have hoodies and joggers and coats. They did not have a black hoodie as I wanted I got a nice purple hoodie and I tried to get a little bit bigger than me so it looks baggy and feels comfortable.
I got this one for £8.00 (in new look the same hoodie was about £12/14)

Near the hoodies and coats there were the hair section and I was in a serious need of hairbands, so I went there and when I saw all the options of colours for hair band I totally lost it so I end up getting the black simple ones and this pink&blue&purple ones!

Then I went T-shirt hunting haha I found two cute shirts one is a plain grey one is a little bit see through but looks amazing with a white or black bra and the other one is a white one with a beautiful LA stamp that says dreaming of life in LA.
Grey shirt was £4 and the LA one was £3.

Then I fell in love with this gorgeous neon leopard print scarf which I did not think twice about buying it. It was £4

Thats all I got in primark! Off to super drug I got myself the Fit me Concealer as I heard very good things about it on youtube and from other bloggers, so I thought I would give it a try.

And last but not least I got two Baby Lips lip balms from Maybelline. I got the blue and pink packaging   one which says its for Hydration which so far is my favourite from the ones I got because it actually does makes my lips feel more hydrated but not for a long time though. The other one I got was the yellow and orange packaging one which says is for Intense Care, I'm not a big fan of this one because it did not make my lips feel like it was being intensely cared (if that makes any sense) it actually made my lips feel a bit dry. 
Each one was £2.99 but it was on sale as 2 for £5 when I got it.

Have you tried any of the Baby lips lip balms? what are your opinions on it and what about the Fit Me concealer, did it work for you/ did you like it?
Let me know in the comments.

Much Love, 
Maria xox


  1. I love these lip balms! id be so lost without them :)
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  2. You've got some great purchases! I haven't tried the baby lips, I'm just so behind on those things! X

  3. Very amazing haul :)

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  5. Love this post!! Primark is so good :)

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  7. Great haul x