Sunday, 15 September 2013

Back to "School"

Hello girlies,

One of the reasons I have been lacking on posts this past week or two is because I started sixth form (last two years of high school for you lovely American followers) and for this space of a week and a half that I've been there I've gotten 3 essays and 4 intense researches to do. I promised to do a post everyday this month but it didn't work out as I planned due to those 'homework's', so from now on I'll try my best to post at least once a week not just for you guys but because i want to (obviously).

So heres my "Back to school" haul (kind of xD) :

I was searching for a cute backpack everywhere and when i finally found one on ebay it was out of stock so I searched for the exact same one and found it from another seller (thank god). The bag bellow is by Anna Smith is in the colour turquoise polka dots. (got it for £18.99).

 Then I went on a hunt for cheap school supplies (project books, pens,pencils, labels, rulers, binders and etc) so I went to Tesco's xD thats where I got those project books bellow (notebooks), BiC pens, ruler, HB pencils and that little box of labels which all of that cost me about £17-20 because I got about 5 project books (£2.50 each). I end up not needing those project books because my Sixth Form actually gave some to us (one for each teacher) which I didn't know they would but even though I'm not going to use these daily I use to revise, copy the lesson down when I get home, make notes, do my homework  and also do my own research on (which is very useful and will help me when i comes to revising for the exams).

The binder i didn't buy xD i asked my dad to bring one from his work because it was easier and cheaper.

This pencil case bellow I got it in Brazil at a store called Tok&Stok, cant remember how much it was but it wasn't that expensive. Since I was young all my pencil cases were from there and all see through but in different colours each year xD.

Tomorrow I'll be going out to get more things which are missing for some of my lesson. For example a huge A3 folder to carry my photography books in, Hole-puncher to make holes on my paper to put in my binder and also a new pack or just one eraser haha.

Did you just go back to School/College/Sixth form? What did you get?

Much Love,
Maria xox


  1. I love your bag, it's very cute! Lovely blog post, so have followed :)


  2. I love your bag too! Its so bright and cheery!

    Rachel x

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    1. Hey Paige,
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  7. Aaaaaah I love stationery so much, I'm obsessed haha!
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