Monday, 19 August 2013

My Bucket List!


So if you check out my youtube account, you'll see that early this year I made a "My Bucket List" video. Sharing with you guys what I would like to do before I die.
You can go check it out here:
| My Bucket List |

I want to meet:
Ian Somerhalder
Hugh Jackman
Demi Lovato (my idol)
Avril Lavigne
Josh Hutcherson
The Harry Potter Cast
My favourite youtuber (i have loads so youtubers*)
Harry Styles (Typical teenage dream nowadays haha)
Meet the 90210 cast (the old and the new one)
Meet the Perks Of Being a Wallflower cast (Well mostly Ezra and Logan)
Meet the Awkward cast "you're welcome ;D"
Meet the Big Bang Theory Cast
Meet Drake Bell and Josh Peck (because they made my childhood!)

I want to visit:
New York
Disneyland Florida

I want to:
Create my dream house
Live right by the beach
Stop being so afraid and start living
Give people a reason to remember my name
Travel the world
Do a Harry Potter marathon
Fit into a size 8/10
Admit that i like him
Get a verified twitter account
Make my mum and dad proud
Change someone’s life
Have a paint fight
Learn to surf
Inspire someone
Follow my dreams
Be happy and have a successful career
Party in LA
Attend more concerts
Take Polaroid pictures with the one i love
Travel first class
Have a huge water balloon fight
Fulfil my 2013 resolutions

Hopefully i get to do all those things *fingers crossed*

Much Love,
Maria xox

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