Tuesday, 9 April 2013

NYC All Day Long Foundation - Review -

As I promised, heres the review on the NYC  All Day Long Foundation.

I got this foundation on the shade of 745 Soft Honey.
I've been testing this foundation for about a month now and it's currently my favourite foundation ever.
It had a really good coverage.
It does kinda feel a bit dry while applying it but after it's all done makes your skin feel soft like there is no make up in it.
If you like to apply apply foundation without a primmer, this is not a foundation for you because it's hard to apply and it doesn't last as long as it says in the bottle without applying a primmer first.
It's a really cheap for a very good product. (Retail price £3.99)
I really recommend it.

(Picture from NYColours)

Much Love,
Maria xox


  1. Such a good price for a foundation that works well. what skin type is it good for?! LOVE that you have started a blog.. ! X

    1. I know right. I wouldn't recommend it to people who has dry skin due to the foundation already be a bit dry, but if you have semi-oilly skin (like mine) it works really well, however i don't know how the foundation would work in oily skin but i will find out and get back yo you.
      Hehe (: xox

  2. lovely post :) what primer do you use under it?

    1. Thank you (: & I use the NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer, i mentioned it on my March favourites post (: xox

  3. Ive been looking at buying some of this foundation for a while and now i can say i have definalty going to buy it! and the primer too. Thanks for posting!
    Emily xxx