Sunday, 7 September 2014

What's in my hand luggage?

Hello girlies,

As I told you guys in my last post that I  would be going to Majorca for a week and I didn’t have time to make a post before I went but I thought even though summer is practically over I would show you what I took with me.

So first thing I went shopping on the day before and got myself some new clothes (which I will show you on my next haul post), some beauty supplies and also a gym bag which I used as my hang luggage.

So I basically separated some socks and the amount of underwear I was going to need, five tops and bottoms, a dress, a playsuit, three bikinis, a flip-flop, a flat sandal and a black pump. This is what I packed as for cloth wise as I only stayed there for a week. To be totally honest I used most of the clothe I packed so I think this is the right amount of clothes to take for a week vacation/holiday.

On my makeup bag I obviously put my makeup, makeup wipes, deodorant, sun cream, tooth paste, allergy tablets and my toothbrush.

On my little pencil case from my home town I put all my cables and adaptors that I would need during my stay over there.

On the bigger makeup bag I put my digital camera and charger and my underwater camera.

I obviously took a hang bag so in that hand bag I carried the big makeup bag with the cameras in it, the pencil case, my wallet, passport, tickets, oyster card, my iPad, my iPod and my iPhone.

This is basically all I packed for in Majorca. Did any of you guys go anywhere this summer?
If so where and how was it? A nd even if you didnt comment down below what you did this summer.

Much love,
Maria Eduarda xox

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Hello Lovelies,

I know it’s been over six months since I posted anything over here, and the reason for that is that if you have read all my posts you would know that I'm currently in sixth form and exam season was coming up and I got cut up revising and having panic/anxiety attacks all the time from the time we started revision till results day which was last week.
It's been a very hard past few months for me, as I didn’t really like the environment I was in and also wasn’t doing the courses I really wanted and with that all other personal problems (like family, illness and ect.) I will admit I kind of lost motivation to write posts and write/ find new content to share with you guys, and whenever I did I felt like it was of best quality so i never gone through posting it so yeah.

After all the revision and things I did my exams and I felt like I did okay (well at least I thought I would get the grades to at least get a place for next year in this sixth form even though I wasn’t planning on staying there) I wanted to be my choice to move not have them telling me I didn’t get the required grades to continue and the only way I would be able to stay would be to only continue my BTEC IT, which I wasn’t enjoying very much but somehow, I got the highest grade in.
So results day came (14th of august) and i got my results back.
I got a distinction star which is equivalent to A-Level grade A* in BTEC IT, I got a B for my AS photography, an E on my AS Media (was 8 marks away from a D, which would have been an pass) and an U in psychology which I wasn’t surprised about because I was never good at in when taking exams so yeah.

I was pretty disappointed especially with my media grade as I thought I would at least get a D but oh wells now at the end of this week I will be going to another college to do an interview and hopefully enrolling there for the following courses:
AS Media Studies
AS Film Studies
AS Creative Writing
And either A2 Photography if the college has the same exam board or re do AS Photography and try and get an A.

So this post it's mostly to give you guys a update of what’s been going on in my life. I will be going to Majorca next week and I will be back on the 1st of September, so I will have another post up before I go but I will be taking loads photos and probably buy some things there and I will have a Majorca post either on the next day that I come back or someday during the week that I come back.

I’m sorry for being gone for so long but next time before I disappear I will warn you guys haha.

Comment down below how is your summer break going? And if you got your results back recently (GCSE or A-Levels) comment down below your thoughts and if you want to talk about anything either e-mail me on or tweet me @misscheerful28 

Much Love,
Maria-Eduarda xox

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Three posts in one!!

Hello lovelies,

So as you can tell by the title this post will be very long and mixed with three different subjects. this first term back after christmas was the shortest and most stressful term ever! starting course works, deadlines for course works and guess what more work during this half term (e.g. filming the media course work.. doing my 1st film of photographs for my photography exam preparation) ufff ca it just be summer already?!

Anyways first of all i promised you guys over on twitter that i was going to post my valentines look but i didn't get to post it before valentines as i moved houses on the saturday before Vdays and i only managed to get full access to internet on valentines day and after that I have been busy filming and taking pics for my course works.

So here is the final look and the products i've used!

Products used: MUA Pro-Base Primer, MUA  Blusher on the shade Lolly, Rimmel London Stay Matte powder on the shade 001 transparent, MUA Poptastic pallet in which i used the two shades on pink and the purple shade on top of the light pink. Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof eye definer on the shade 26 Noir, collection 2000 extreme 24 hour felt tip liner on the shade black, Maybelline  fit me concealer on the shade 15, Rimmel London scandal eyes show off mascara Collection 2000 Naturally Matt foundation on the shade 3 Beige, Maybelline Baby lips Hydrate, Natura Faces on the shade Coral Doce.

Tools used: For the blush i used my new Elf Bronzing Brush, for the powder i always use the models own Powder brush, eyelash curler from Eleganttouch and for the shadows i used the body shop eye brushes i used the shading brush and the big one to blend in the colours.

And that was my Valentines make up look for the hair i just took it out of my ponytail and brushed out the nots (pretty much my just woke up kinda hair xD)

Moving on to the second par of this post… i managed to ordered some things from elf before i moved and i received last Thursday and i decided to share it with you guys what I got which according to my dad the postman left it under the front door carpet xD

So yeah i got those goodies and till now i've only tried the bronzing brush and i love it!!

And the third and last part of this post is to tell you guys that i created a Instagram just for blog related things which you can go follow it and i'll certainly follow back.

So this is pretty much it, on staturday i'll be back to a better quality post, so sorry about this one but yeah. 
Any post requests? leave them down in the comments.
Much Love,
Maria xox

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Monthly Favourites -January 2014-

Hello lovelies,
As most of you would agree that January is the month where we normally don't have that many favourites but I've managed to gather five beauty products and a couple of snacks that I've enjoyed the most through out this first month of the year.

The first product is the MUA Pro-Base Primer which if you follow me on twitter you would know that I've had this for about three months, now trying it out and it seems to be the best drugstore primer I've tried. 
The second product is the Clean & Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Daily Facial Wash which i got it last week and use it every morning before i go to college which works very well together with the Clean & Clear morning every shine control daily facial scrub which i use it when i take shower and both of this products does exactly what it says on the bottle it leaves my skin oil free all day.
The next product is the Naturally Matt Foundation by Collection on the shade Beige 3 which has becomes my new day-to-day foundation this winter as it leaves my skin flawless for about 6 hours (which is normally as long as i allow my face to stay with make up on) it doesn't have the best coverage but if you have been with me long enough you'd know that i like my make up as natural as possible so the only thing i expect the foundation to do is to cover a little bit of the red blemishes other than that the concealer should do the job.
The last beauty product that I've loved this month is the Exaggerate Water Proof Eye Definer by Rimmel London on the shade 26| Noir which it's been my waterline eye liner for as long as i can remember.

Moving on from Beauty products. So my snake recently have contained just the Cadbury Bournville Classic Dark Chocolate and started my addiction again to the Lipton Ice Tea Peach flavour. 

Well this is pretty much it, sorry for the bad quality photos it's because I'm moving houses next week and most of my things including my camera are already packed and ready to move so yeah. When I'm settled in the new house I'll do a room tour video/ post and might even start doing youtube videos.. hopefully everything works out with this idea, because i tried before and i've never gone through with posting it because i always felt self conscious about how i looked in it but I'll give it a try once again. 

Also leave it down in the comments what products you've been enjoying this past month and what kind of posts would you like to see it next on the blog.. I've been struggling with new ideas.. it would be awesome if you guys helped me out.

Much Love,
Maria xox

Friday, 31 January 2014

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick -Review-

Hello  Lovelies,
So I got this  Moisture Renew Lipstick from Rimmel for a long time now and never maniged to show it to you guys what I bought that day but oh wells lets get to the review.

I don't know if i ever mentioned to you guys that I'm not a big fan of lipsticks, I'm more of a lip balm kind of girl but this one has turned into one of my favourites lip product for this past few weeks because it's so moist and doesn't dry your lips after you had it on for an hour or so, it's very pigmented swell but i don't like bright colours on my lips that much so i only put one coat of it and get a tissue to take out the excess to get the right amount of redness i want.
Loved this product, I'm already planning to buy the nude and the Oxford Street Fushia or the Coral Britannia shade of this collection.
Overall this lipstick is the amazing and has definitely got me into wearing lipstick more often.

How about you, have you tried any of the shades from this collection? 
and also what is your favourite shade of lipstick you like to wear the most?
Leave it down in the comments.

Much Love,
Maria xox

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Week in Pictures -13th to 29th of January 2014-

Hello lovelies,

I know I know I started this series a few months back and only managed to post one week.. i know I'm a failure in committing into posting stuff over here, but I managed to take some time out of my media & photography course work this week to prepare some posts for the future. So to sum up the first few weeks back into college here are the pics…





So this pretty much sums it up…course final pieces, starting my 2014 jar, buying a new scrub to try it out, starting to read Looking For Alaska by John Green, doing photograms in the dark room, lost the picture of my bed but we sold it leaving me to put my computer on the floor until we move houses (which is next week friday.. meaning a new house/room tour :D) and sleeping with my mattress on the floor.

How has january been for you guys? Anything interesting?
haha leavee it down in the comments
Much Love,
Maria xox